Theory of Nanoparticle Polymer Mixtures

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A/Prof Cliff Woodward (

Description of Work: 


We will use state of the art theoretical methods to study the microscopic structure of nanoparticle/polymer mixtures. These systems are important for many applications in science engineering and medicine. Specific applications include: self-healing materials; detection methods for security applications; drug release; quantum dots etc.

The suitable candidate for this project will be in the area of either mathematics, computer science or chemical/materials engineering. This project will use novel mathematical and computational modelling, so the applicant needs to have a background in these areas.

Description of Work:

  • develop methods, based on density functional theory, suitable for application to nanoparticle/polymer mixtures
  • develop computer algorithms for numerical solutions of the theory
  • apply the methods to a range of model scenarios
  • related publication: Forsman, J, Woodward, C E, Phys Rev Letts 94(11), 18301/1-118301/4, 2005.