How to apply as a Non-Defence Undergraduate

UNSW Canberra offers a range of full degree programs as well as single-year Honours programs for non-Defence undergraduate students. Application processes vary, depending on the degree program you are applying for (see further information below).

UNSW Code UAC Code Degree Fee Type Duration 2021 Indicative ATAR Application Type
4472 451040 B Engineering (Hons) Aeronautical CSP 4 years (full-time) 91 Step 1, 2
4473 451050 B Engineering (Hons) Civil CSP 4 years (full-time) 91 Step 1, 2
4471 451060 B Engineering (Hons) Electrical CSP 4 years (full-time) 91 Step 1, 2
4474 451070 B Engineering (Hons) Mechanical CSP 4 years (full-time) 91 Step 1, 2
4480 451100

B Arts (Honours)

CSP 1 year (full-time) NA Honours
4512 NA B Business (Honours) CSP 1 year (full-time) NA Honours
4517 NA Computing and Cyber Security (Honours) CSP 1 year (full-time) NA Honours
4513 NA B Science (Honours) CSP 1 year (full-time) NA Honours


How to Apply for Engineering Degree Programs 

   Compulsory – submit a UAC application
Apply here   



  Highly recommended – submit an application for the Faculty of Engineering Admission   Scheme (FEAS) at UNSW Canberra

Apply here   




How to Apply for One-Year Honours Programs

Applying for a one-year Honours program in Arts, Business, Computing and Cyber Security, or Science at UNSW Canberra involves the completion of a single application form, which is submitted directly to UNSW Canberra. Further information can be found here.