Getting Started - for Undergraduate Students

Before you Arrive 

1. Accepting your Offer

How to accept your offer

At UNSW Canberra you will accept your offer and enrol online using the student portal, myUNSW.


Accepting online is a 2 part-process:

Part I: Accept your offer in myUNSW by the deadline to ensure your place in the program.

Part II: Confirm your personal details, complete the Military Status (if applicable) and Student Declaration sections and enrol in your courses (lectures, tutorials etc.).


Acceptance and enrolment for Semester 1 2016 is now open.

UNSW Canberra makes most of its offers in the UAC Early January Round on 5 January. A small number of offers may be made in the Main Round and Early February Round. The deadlines for accepting offers are as follows:

Round Offers made Must be accepted by
January Round 1 5 January 2016 Friday 15 January 2016
Main Round 20 January 2016 Friday 29 January 2016
February Round 1 2 February 2016 Friday 12 February 2016


PLEASE NOTE: If you do not accept by the dates above your offer will lapse.

We suggest working through these steps to accept your offer and enrol in your courses.

2. Create your UNIPASS

What is a UniPass?

–  This is a temporary password given to all new students to access myUNSW.

–  You will use myUNSW to accept your offer online and enrol in your classes.


How do I create a UniPass?

1. Use the information in your offer letter to create your UniPass. You will need:

–  Your UNSW ID (e.g. z1234567) or 9 digit UAC Number (e.g. 123456789)

–  Your UNSW Canberra program code (4 digit number).

2. Visit the IDM (Identity Manager) website to create your UniPass.

Once you have created your UniPass, proceed to the next checklist item and accept your offer.


Need Help?

If you would like further assistance with creating or retrieving your UniPass, please contact IT Services.
T: + 61 9385 1333

Alternatively you can visit the IT Services website for support.

3. How to accept your offer

Now you have your UniPass, go to myUNSW and 'Sign On' (top right hand corner). Click on the 'My Applications' Tab where you will see your offer listed and click Proceed with Offer.

Be sure to accept your offer by the deadline.


Is your name correct on your myUNSW account?

If your middle name is not included or your name is misspelt on the University's system, this will cause significant delays in your student ID card distribution.

Please take 5 minutes now to ensure that your name listed in myUNSW exactly matches your official name on your birth certificate / proof of identification. Checking this today will potentially save you many hours of delays in the future.


You will not be able to obtain a student ID card if your middle name is missing, as your name in the system must match your full legal name.

To update your official name you will need to complete the 'Change of Name' form. You will need to bring the form in person with your official identification to Student Administrative Services.

You may still continue to enrol in your courses if your name is incorrect. Mistakes with names primarily affect ID card distribution.


Enter all other personal details

To accept your offer in myUNSW, you must enter your personal contact details such as home address, email address, telephone numbers and emergency contact.


You must also complete the Military Status by selecting your ADF Service and rank

    –  DFR new recruits - OCDT = Army; OFCT = Air Force; MIDN = Navy)

    –  Advanced Students - please select your current rank)

    –  DCUS Students - please select DMO for both service and rank)

    –  Civilian Students - please leave this blank


Finally, complete the Student Declaration sections and then you can enrol in your courses (lectures, tutorials etc.).

Note* Student needs to accept their enrolment and enrol in at least one subject to be able to set ADFApass, Zpass and obtain ID card.

Need help?

Need help with accepting your offer? Contact Student Administrative Services (SAS).

T: 02 6268 6000

4. Passwords

zPASS Password

To access online services at UNSW, you will need to use your student ID and zpass password.

 For any enquires contact IT Service Desk Sydney:

Phone: +61 2 9385 1333

ADFAPASS Passwords

To access the on-campus computers and wireless you require to use your student ID and ADFApass.

For any enquires contact ICTS Helpdesk:

Phone: 02 6268 8140
Email: (send your contact details)

5. Getting your Student ID Card

Students should note that it is a condition of enrolment at UNSW Canberra that you obtain and retain an ADFA Card for the entirety of your study with UNSW Canberra. Failure to obtain a card will severely limit your access to services. While on campus you should display your ID card at all times.

To obtain UNSW ID card in person please visit ICTS Helpdesk ( Building 14) with a valid photo ID ( Driver’s licence or passport)

To receive your UNSW ID card via mail please send an email request to with the following information:

  • Student number
  • Copy of a valid photo ID
  • Mailing address
  • Passport size photo

 The address to post this information to is:

ICT Services, UNSW Canberra,
Australian Defence Force Academy,
Canberra ACT 2600

The JPEG file needs the following minimum specifications: 328 pixels wide x 370 pixels high in true colour.

In all instances the card will be mailed to you unless you advise the ICTS Helpdesk that you wish to collect the card, so please make sure your mailing address in myUNSW is correct. 

phone: 02 6268 8140

6. You're almost done!

Not sure if you have accepted your offer or need assistance?

Telephone: +61 2 6268 6000
Facsimile: +61 2 6268 8666
Ground Floor, Adams Auditorium,
Building 111

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday – 08.30 to 16.30 Friday* - 08.30 - 16.00

* On the first Friday of each month Student Administrative Services closes at 13.00.

1. Choose your courses

Before you enrol, you must choose your courses for the semester.


Consult the UNSW Handbook to read information relating to your program structure and for help on determining which courses you are required to enrol in.

2. Enrol in your courses on myUNSW

Once you have chosen your courses, you are ready to enrol.


You manage your enrolment online via myUNSWLog onto myUNSW and use our step by step guide to enrol.


Please be advised that some courses/class times fill up quickly - enrol as soon as possible to secure your preferred classes/times.



3. Check your timetable on myUNSW

How do I ensure I have enrolled into my courses?

The best way to check that you have enrolled successfully into your courses is to check your myUNSW Student Profile tab. Your enrolled courses should be listed under the My Enrolment section on this page.


What if I have timetable clashes?

During to military commitments for ADFA students, all 1st year students will have no university classes on Wednesday morning or Friday afternoon. The timetable is automatically blocked so that 1st year courses do not clash with 1st year Academy Military Education and Training (AMET) classes.


Occasionally there may be a clash between 2 university courses you would like to enrol in or a course / tutorial / lab you would like to enrol may be full.


In some cases you may be able to enrol into clashing classes however normally you cannot enrol into a class that is full.


On Monday 15 February, Student Administrative Services (SAS) will conduct a New Undergraduate Student Orientation Day which will provide you with another opportunity to go into myUNSW and adjust or complete your enrolment and have your timetable checked.

4. Credit from previous university study

Students who have previously completed tertiary studies at an equivalent university level may be eligible to gain credit (sometimes referred to as Advanced Standing) towards their degree at UNSW Canberra. Credit may be awarded for complete or incomplete degrees from any recognised tertiary institution. Applying for credit is a voluntary request by a student, it is not compulsory.


Even if you are going to apply for credit, students should still enrol in the relevant 1st year courses for their degree.

Students wishing to apply for credit should submit an application as soon as possible. The 'Credit for Previous Tertiary Study' form can be downloaded here and emailed with relevant supporting documentation to

Advanced standing sessions will be held on 4 and 5 February, where you can seek academic advice regarding your approved credit and subsequent enrolment.


Please note: approved credit will increase the likelihood of course clashes as students may be undertaking 1st and 2nd year courses concurrently.


International Students: following a directive from the Department of Defence, International Policy Division, international students are NOT able to apply for credit from previous study.


5. Note important key dates for your enrolment

Important Dates for 2016

Event 2016
Applications for Postgraduate study in Semester 1 close 19 February
S1 commences 29 February
Last day to add S1 distance mode courses 6 March
Last day to drop S1 courses without financial penalty 31 March
Provisional exam timetable released for S1 15 April
Last day to drop S1 courses without academic penalty 22 April
Last day to report exam clashes for S1 29 April
Final examination timetable released 27 May
Mid Semester Break 2 - 13 May
S1 study recess 13 - 17 June
Examinations (UG students only) 20 June - 1 July
Mid-Year leave 4 - 15 July
S1 results published on myUNSW 14 July
Applications for Postgraduate study in Semester 2 close 10 July
S2 commences 18 July
Last day to add S2 distance mode courses 15 July
ADFA Open Day 27 August
Last day to drop S2 courses without financial penalty 31 August
Provisional exam timetable for S2 released 2 September
Last day to drop S2 courses without academic penalty 9 September
Last day to report exam clashes for S2 16 September
Mid Semester Break 26 - 30 September
S2 Study recess 24 - 28 October
Final exam timetable released for S2 7 October
Semester 2 ends 21 October
Examinations (UG students only) 31 October - 11 November
S2 results published to myUNSW 24 November
Conferring of degrees ceremony 7 December
Graduation Parade Day 8 December
2016 Public Holidays Compensation Dates - Semester 1:
Canberra Day 14 March (Monday lost)
Good Friday 25 March (Friday lost)
Easter Monday 28 March (Monday timetable on Tuesday 29 March, Tuesday lost)
ANZAC Day 25 April (Monday timetable on Thursday 28 April, Thursday lost)
Queens Birthday During Study Recess
2016 Public Holidays Compensation Dates - Semester 2:
Family and Community Day 26 September (Mid Semester Recess - no timetable impact)
Labour Day 3 October (Mid Semester Recess - no timetable impact)
Approved ADFA activities - Non Teaching Days for Undergraduate Students (Semester 2)
Tuesday 9 August Production Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday 31 August XO/OC Day
Thursday 22 September Sports Carnival (incl Tug-of-War)
Friday 14 October Green Eagle (ARA) and / or XO/OC Day

Arrival dates:

Undergraduate students: mid January to commence the Year One Familiarisation Training (YOFT) before the start of the academic year.

Postgraduate coursework students: before the commencment of classes for each semester.

Postgraduate research students: no later than 31 March (Semester 1) or 31 August (Semester 2).

Academic Calendar 2016
Semester 1 29 February - 10 June 2016
Recess 2 - 13 May 2016
Study Period 13 - 17 June 2016
Examinations 22 June - 3 July 2016
Mid-year recess 4 - 15 July 2016
Semester 2 18 July - 21 October 2016
Recess 26 - 30 September 2016
Study Period 24 - 28 October 2016
Examinations 31 October - 11 November 2016