Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning


Course Overview:

This one day course will guide participants through the process of developing and implementing a workforce plan using Australian Standard 5620:2015. The course will articulate the need for workforce plans in organisations, consider how workforce plans enable organisations to achieve their long-term objectives, and outline how workforce planning can become a continuous process that is aligned to an organisation’s strategy and business planning.

Participants will learn how to examine the external operating environment, analyse their current and future workforce supply and demand, identify risks and opportunities, create an action plan, and implement and monitor their workforce plan. Advice will be provided for identifying, engaging with and achieving buy-in from stakeholders. Through this course, participants will learn to develop, implement and monitor a workforce plan as part of an ongoing cycle, ensuring that their organisation is able to secure the right number of people, with the right skills at the right time.

Who Should Attend:

The course is valuable for HR professionals and managers in organisations of all sizes. The course is designed for those who have responsibility for developing and implementing workforce plans, as well as managers who will guide this work and align it to their organisational objectives.

No academic or technical knowledge is required.

Course Outline:

Outline of Australian Standard 5620:2015.
Linking the organisational strategy to the workforce plan.
Understanding the environment.
Segmenting the workforce.
Analysing the current and future state.
Identifying risks and opportunities.
Creating an action plan.
Implementing the workforce plan.
Monitoring the workforce plan



The Boathouse, Canberra




In-house training is available and is recommended for groups of 10 or more.


What you will receive:

  • Copy of Australian Standard 5620:2015
  • Comprehensive set of course notes
  • UNSW Canberra certificate of attendance
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea



“The course facilitator was very experienced in the area of workforce planning. [Thus] providing a great opportunity to test and discuss organisational issues. [Also the] opportunity to hear from APS colleagues of similar challenges and achievements” Anonymous 09/04/2019

“[The best features of this course were:] Skills taxonomy/framework, way of representing interlinked action, overall the WPF principles articulated in how they’ve been practically applied.” Michael McAlister, Dept of Education 09/04/2019

“The outline of a workforce plan put in a practical context was useful and taught in a way that could allow implementation” S.Bourke 09/04/2019

“Fantastic overview of the workforce planning life cycle and process for someone new to this space  Practical tips on when to get buy in from your Executive and ways to go about this to have the most impact. Analysis tools and going about this by job/role segmentation to understand workforce trends.” Phoebe 09/04/2019

“The knowledge and expertise of the facilitator to be able to contextualise theory into the practical requirements of organisations.  Group work was useful in demonstrating the mechanics of workforce planning.” Anonymous 12/11/2019

Presenter Information:


 Dr Paul RobardsPaul Robards

Dr Paul Robards has almost 20 years of experience in strategic level workforce planning. In recent years he has led the development and implementation of a strategic workforce plan for a large Government department, which has included the introduction of a new cycle to ensure the workforce plan is continually refreshed and aligned with strategic direction and part of the organisation’s business plan. Working with the Australian Public Service Commission, Paul has provided a number of presentations on workforce planning to HR professionals from across the public service. Paul has a Masters of Science in Management (Manpower System Analysis) and PhD in Information Science. 

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