Honours at UNSW Canberra


The purpose of the Honours program is to enable students who have performed well at undergraduate level to deepen their knowledge of approaches, perspectives, and traditions in their chosen discipline and undertake a significant research project. Honours is a means for connecting undergraduate study with supervised independent research, by consolidating and extending work completed in the undergraduate program and providing an academic foundation for students continuing on to masters by research or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

UNSW Canberra offers one-year Honours programs to non-Defence as well as Defence undergraduate students who have completed a three-year undergraduate degree in the fields of Arts (Humanities and Social Science), Business, Computing and Cyber Security, and Science.


To be eligible to apply for the Honours programs in Arts, BusinessComputing and Cyber Security, and Science at UNSW Canberra, students must be an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, or Permanent Resident of Australia, and have completed, or are in the process of completing, a relevant pass-degree program, such as a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Science, and have achieved at least a credit average (65%) across the entire undergraduate degree, including a credit average over the Level 3 courses in a major which is in the same discipline as the proposed Honours program.


UNSW Canberra excels in research in many fields. Full details on researchers and the research being undertaken at UNSW Canberra can be found at: https://www.unsw.adfa.edu.au/research/our-research/research-areas 

Application Deadlines

Semester 1 entry for Arts, Science, Business, and Computing and Cyber Security

Apply by 18 December for Semester 1

Semester 2 entry for Arts, Science and Computing and Cyber Security

Apply by 30 April for Semester 2


Honours Scholarships

UNSW Canberra is offering scholarships to students undertaking Honours programs in Arts, Business, Computing and Cyber Security, and Science.

You do not need to submit a separate application for an Honours scholarship – the UNSW Canberra Honours Scholarships will be automatically offered to students who have been made an offer of admission to a UNSW Canberra Honours program in Arts, Business, Computing and Cyber Security, or Science, based on academic achievement in their undergraduate degree.

Value: The UNSW Canberra Honours Scholarship is valued at A$10,000, which is paid in equal parts to recipients, at the beginning of each consecutive semester of enrolment.
Number: UNSW Canberra will be offering up to 10 scholarships annually.
Conditions of Award: Full details on the UNSW Canberra Honours Scholarships can be found here


Student Administrative Services

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E: sas@adfa.edu.au