Study of Ionic Liquids

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A/Prof Cliff Woodward (

Description of Work: 


Ionic Liquids are a new class of environmentally friendly liquids that are set to revolutionize modern industry. We have begun a study of the properties of ionic liquids, together with researchers in industry in Australia, as well as researchers in Sweden. Our study uses mathematical techniques that we have developed in our group for polymeric fluids, in order to study the equilibrium properties of ionic liquids at charged interfaces and in the presence of nanoparticles. Our work will also investigate the dynamical properties of ionic liquids, especially electro-kinetic phenomena.

Description of Work:

  • develop methods, based on density functional theory, suitable for application to ionic liquids
  • develop computer algorithms for numerical solutions of the theory
  • apply the methods to a range of model scenarios including those determined by industrial partners
  • Related publication: Woodward, CE.; Forsman, J,. Phys Rev Letts 100(9), 098301/1-098301/4,. 2008.