The research aims to reduce traffic congestion & improve the throughput of key roadways. It aims to use cutting

edge crowdsourcing, cloud and cyber-physicals ystems as well as wireless sensor network technologies & data

mining techniques to improve our commute to work time (when the roadways are most stressed). The

contribution of this work is to include accurate real-time traffic prediction using a hybrid exponential smoothing


Logistics activity represents approximately 9-15% of Australia’s GDP between 2002- 2012. The introduction

of collaborative logistic systems can achieve a 500% return on investment [Gardner 2002]. Collaborative

supply chains and logistics networks involve vertical industry collaboration and horizontal industry services.

Weakness in logistic capabilities creates a multi-billion dollar cost burden on the Australian economy.


There are a number of problems associated with logistics and mobility for aged or disabled persons. The

contribution of this project lies in the development of smart aged care logistics and mobility through the

use of intelligent Cyber Physical Systems and integration of intelligence sensor based medical devices and

intelligent transportation technologies

Description of Work:


The aim of the research is to investigate the concept of leadership in complex social


Description of Work:

Contemporary leaders operate in a world of complex challenges and are expected to perform within complex,

rapidly changing and uncertain environments. Issues are multifaceted, interactive with other sets of issues,

Contact: Prof Satish Chand (



This project assesses the impact of land tenure system on the level of investments, access to credit, and productivity at the level of an enterprise.


Description of work:

Aim: Investigate the nexus between defence and economic development.



(i) How does economic development affect security in hostile environments?

(ii) How does state fragility affect the cost of doing business?

(iii) What are the mechanisms via which economic development affects peace?