In cooperation with Fleetwood Corporation, who provides transportable mobile homes for resources, oil and gas exploration industries right across Australia, this project aims to reduce energy consumption and related emissions for Fleetwood's BHP, Rio Tinto and Woodside Camps. The contribution of this research is to reduce both energy use and emissions in line with the upcoming carbon-trading schemes. The project requires developing prototype systems and field-testing and possible deployment in real world.

Description of Work:


The research aims to reduce traffic congestion & improve the throughput of key roadways. It aims to use cutting

edge crowdsourcing, cloud and cyber-physicals ystems as well as wireless sensor network technologies & data

mining techniques to improve our commute to work time (when the roadways are most stressed). The

contribution of this work is to include accurate real-time traffic prediction using a hybrid exponential smoothing


Logistics activity represents approximately 9-15% of Australia’s GDP between 2002- 2012. The introduction

of collaborative logistic systems can achieve a 500% return on investment [Gardner 2002]. Collaborative

supply chains and logistics networks involve vertical industry collaboration and horizontal industry services.

Weakness in logistic capabilities creates a multi-billion dollar cost burden on the Australian economy.