Research Impact in Australia and China

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A/Prof Stuart Pearson (

Description of Work: 


To improve the understanding of research impact and the drivers of research investment in Australia and China’s natural resource management fields.

Description of work:

The impact of research done on natural resource management (the management of soils, water, fish stocks, biodiversity or vegetation) is a fertile area that offers benefits to private and public investors around the World. However, it is also challenging to track the impact of the research investment. Because of complexity in attribution, spill-overs, discounting and program design there is considerable confusion about the marginal returns on additional research investments. There is a need to better understand how research impact can be evaluated and how improvements can be included in ongoing research programs.

  • Complete an environmental scan to develop a systematic understanding of the drivers of natural resource management research investment decisions in Australia and China.
  • Develop specific case-study insights into the ways research programs procure knowledge to achieve impact from the triple bottom line perspective (social, environmental and economic)
  • Explore the ways risk and uncertainty knowledge of natural resource management are considered in research investments.
  • Determine or develop the most useful analytical framework for evaluating the impact of research to guide practice, policy and research.