Provenance of Goods and Asset, Track n Trace Technology

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We track and trace everything, like for example quality of service against SLA agreement, reputation of the service provider through crowd sourcing and text mining, e-Warehousing orders, distribution and dispatchers etc. These factors are traced because they are important for the day-today running of the operations. The contributions in this project include developing techniques that will assist in the provenance of goods and asset. It aims to use low cost approximated GPS systems, Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of things, coupled with RFID systems to track Goods, Containers, Vehicles and Assets movement; Real time optimization of human, material and infrastructure resources to all transport logistics operators, service providers, manufacturers, mining industries, and joint Defence operations.

Description of Work:

This project involves design and development of algorithms, knowledge, information analysis techniques, good mathematical knowledge as well as possible numerical modelling.


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