Media Releases

17.01.18 UNSW Canberra research addresses abuse culture in the military
8.01.18 YoWIE tackles Women in Engineering shortage
13.12.17 Father and daughter PhD graduates reframe education
13.12.17 UNSW Canberra awards highest honour to Major General Michael Clifford AM CSC
27.11.17 UNSW Canberra opens Australia’s first space mission design facility
23.11.17 UNSW Canberra debates a rethink of cyber security education
13.11.17 Leading expert calls for Australian cyber warfare strategy
13.11.17 UNSW Canberra hosts international cyber sleuths
26.10.17 UNSW Canberra students help build Light Rail
17.10.17 When stars collide - Kilonova
29.09.17 UNSW Canberra lecturer finalist in Telstra Business Women’s Awards
24.09.17 New partnership advances Australia’s space mission capabilities
17.08.17 Howard Library honours Australia’s second longest-serving Prime Minister
15.08.17 UNSW Canberra exploring flagship academic hub in heart of city
8.06.17 UNSW 3rd in Australia, 45th in World
2.06.17 Searching for future engineering heroes
24.05.17 New research finds NDIS exacerbates inequities
27.02.17 The Long Shot: Photographing a Milk Carton 3500 Kilometres Away
17.02.17 Ants stomp, termites tiptoe: predator detection by a cryptic prey
3.02.17 Study tackles transport industry’s high death rate
25.11.16 ACT Government support makes Canberra the centre of space and security
9.11.16 Australia attracts the international space research community to Sydney, for global impact
9.11.16 Australia needs a compelling vision to drive its space ambitions
26.10.16 Australian Academia Gains its First Cyber Guardian