Modelling and control of quantum nanosystems

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Dr Matthew Woolley (

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Recent experiments have demonstrated the quantum-coherent control of electromagnetic, electronic and mechanical degrees of freedom. These experiments have been motivated both by the prospects of quantum computation, quantum simulation and quantum communication, and by fundamental interest in novel quantum dynamics. Of particular interest are many-body superconducting quantum circuits and optomechanical systems, as well as the non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum conductors. Here we will develop proposals for the observation of novel dynamics and the realisation of quantum information processing protocols in these systems. Ideally, this will lead to implementation with experimental colleagues. Projects will likely involve collaboration with senior members of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Engineered Quantum Systems and international colleagues.

Description of Work:

This project will require the use of the analytical tools of quantum mechanics, quantum optics, mesoscopic condensed matter theory and control theory. Computer algebra systems, such as Mathematica, will be heavily used. Numerical analysis will also be required. The work will be theoretical, rather than experimental, though an understanding of contemporary quantum physics experiments will be developed.