Magnetic resonance and silicon based quantum computing

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Dr Wayne Hutchison (


The general aim of this project is the use of magnetic resonance, directly, to measurements on spin systems which have application as spin based quantum computers (QC). The technique is also applied to investigations of the principal materials and fabrication processes. The emphasis is on electron spin resonance (ESR) studies of the phosphorus in silicon (Si:P) system. But will also have scope to include low temperature nuclear magnetic resonance applied to radioactive probes.

Description of Work: 
  • Use of continuous wave and pulsed electron spin resonance techniques to study spin dynamics and materials issues in silicon doped with n - type impurities such as phosphorus;
  • The studies will involve both bulk doped and ion implanted samples, as well as the fabrication of devices on a submicron scale;
  • Low temperature (millikelvin) nuclear orientation and nuclear magnetic resonance will be applied to beta-ray emitting 32P in these systems to study and manipulate nuclear spin polarisation.