Linked Data Analytics in Logistics Operations

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Big Data provides a wealth of data from which to process knowledge. But to achieve this, the first crucial step is to transform data to the relevant meaning in the domain in which knowledge has to be synthesized. For example, to synthesize knowledge from supplier management to operational strategy in the context of a Logistics ecosystem, it is first important to transform the relevant data related from supplier management to a state which has some meaning in operation strategy. Once this is done, the resulting new information from supplier management can be used to carry out meaningful analytics and learning in the area of operational strategy of the supply chain. This approach is known as Learning by Transfer. The objective of this project is to apply this principle for learning by transfer in Defence and Logistics operations.

Description of Work:

This project involves design and development of algorithms, knowledge, information analysis techniques, good mathematical knowledge as well as possible numerical modelling.


Dr Omar Hussain (