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Manuscript Name Papers of  John W. O’Brien
Manuscript Number MSS 124
Last Updated July 2014
Extent 1 box
Location Academy Library, UNSW Canberra
Abstract War crimes trials newspaper articles, memoirs of Prince Fumimaro Konoe, and manuscript by Admiral Soemu Toyoda

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Box 1

Folder 1
2 Newspaper clippings and photocopy of the same relating to the “Former Admiral Soemu Toyoda, wartime chief of the Imperial Japanese Naval staff acquitted of War Crimes Tribunal [1949]”

Sakamoto, L. Toyoda cleared by Allied Tribunal
Sakamoto, L. Toyoda inspired by Allied justice

Folder 2
“The memoirs of Prince Fumimaro Konoe”, translated from the Asahi Shimbum, Dec. 20-30, 1945, issued by Okuyama Service (now Tokyo News), 62p. 

Folder 3
“Toyoda speaks: the last of the Japanese Imperial Navy”, as told by former Admiral Soemu Toyoda to Ken Yanagizawa, rendered from the original Japanese edition by John W. O’Brien and Shigeyoshi Fujita, 1950, 673p.


    • Preliminary 3p.
    • Preface to the edition in English, pp.i-xxi
    • Contents and illustrations, 4p.
    • Chapter I – My early life, pp.1-21
    • Chapter II – Life in the Navy: early years, pp.22-39
    • Chapter III – The China incident: the outbreak, pp.40-59
    • Chapter IV – Dark clouds over the pacific: chief of the Naval Technical department, pp.60-98
    • Chapter V – War: the Eve of war, pp.99-114
    • Chapter VI – The battle of midway: first step to defeat, pp.115-126
    • Chapter VII – The false “Gunkan March”: supreme war councillor, pp.127-149
    • Chapter VIII – The last commanders-in-chief of the combined fleet Yamamoto, pp.150-187
    • Chapter IX – Defeat at Saipan, pp.188-207
    • Chapter X – Sunset in the pacific” “operation victory”, pp.208-254
    • Chapter XI – March in the dark: the desperate battle at Okinawa, pp.255-317
    • Chapter XII – Ending it all: the peace idea develops pp.318-372
    • Chapter XIII – tried and vindicated: 3 years and 9 months in Sugamo, pp.373-522
    • Footnotes, 44p.
    • Appendices, 33p.
    • Footnotes, 46p.