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Manuscript Name Papers of Stanley Vincent Shekleton
Manuscript Number MSS 233
Last Updated August 2015 
Manuscript Name Papers of General Sir John Wilton
Manuscript Number MSS 231
Last Updated October 2018
Manuscript Name Papers of Janet Uhr
Manuscript Number MSS 260
Last Updated June 2015
Manuscript Name Papers of Clarence G Statton
Manuscript Number MSS 211
Last Updated June 2014
Extent 1 folder
Manuscript Name Papers of Sir Harry Wunderly
Manuscript Number MSS 206
Last Updated August 2014
Extent 2 folders
Manuscript Name Papers of Frank Korbl
Manuscript Number MSS 95
Last Updated March 2008
Extent 1.28 m (13 boxes, 1 artwork)
Manuscript Name Papers of Sir Arthur Tange
Manuscript Number MSS 196
Last Updated June 2014
Extent 1 folder
Manuscript Name Papers of Gavin Keating
Manuscript Number MSS 341
Last Updated August 2008
Manuscript Name Papers of HMS Pegasus
Manuscript Number MSS 267
Last Updated March 2007
Extent 5 cm (1 box)
Manuscript Name Papers of Histories of Commissioned Ships in the Royal Australian Navy
Manuscript Number MSS 284
Last Updated January 2010


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