Borrowing Information

Your Borrowing Rights




UNSW Alumni


Maximum Items


50 20 See staff

Loan Period

180 days
(unless recalled)

28 days
(unless recalled)

28 days
(unless recalled)


Automatic Renewal

(unless recalled or overdue)
for a maximum of 24 months

(unless recalled or overdue)
for a maximum of 112 days

(unless recalled or overdue)
for a maximum of 112 days


Online Resources



Library computers only


Document Supply

Yes Yes No No

Course Readings

Yes - 4hr loan
(no renewal - 2 items at a time)
Yes - 4hr loan
(no renewal - 2 items at a time)
No No

Current Periodicals

Yes - 3 day loan Yes - 3 day loan No No


Yes - 28 day loan Yes - 28 day loan No No


Yes Yes Yes No

Inter Campus Loan

Yes Yes No No

Special Collections

* by Appointment Only

Yes * Yes * Yes * Yes *

Conditions of use when using your Library card

As a UNSW Canberra borrower you must abide by the conditions of use and understand your responsibilities when using your UNSW Canberra Library card.

  • Always present your Library card when borrowing. The card is not transferable.
  • You agree to accept responsibility for all items issued on your card and agree to return all items by the due dates. The due date may change if the item is recalled.
  • If your card is lost or stolen notify the staff at the Academy Library immediately. Until the Library is notified, you are responsible for items borrowed with the card.

Your responsibilities

  • Check myLibrary regularly. 
  • Return items including recalled items by the correct due dates. If items are overdue, you will be unable to borrow and may be fined.
  • Ensure that items on loan are returned to the library before you travel.
  • Pay accrued fines and penalties. You will be blocked from borrowing once your Library fines reach $20. You will be blocked from enrolling once your Library fines reach $100

Renew items

Online tutorial on manually Renewing your loans.

Automatic Renewals

Automatic loan renewal allows for specific borrower groups to have your standard loan items automatically renewed to the maximum loan period, provided automatic loan renew criteria below is met.

Your standard loan items will only qualify for automatic loan renewal if your account satisfies the following criteria:

  • You are an UNSW staff, undergraduate, postgraduate or researcher
  • No blocks on your account
  • Your account does not expire before due date of items
  • You do not have any overdue items
  • You do not have fines or fees in excess of $19
  • The items have not reached the maximum loan renewal period
  • The items have not been requested by other borrowers

If your loans were not automatically renewed due to fees, blocks, other overdue items, or account expiry, you may still be able to renew items before their due date in myLibrary after the above circumstances have been resolved.

Who qualifies for this service?

The following borrower groups will have your loans automatically renewed:

  • Undergraduates and Postgraduate Coursework (maximum renewal period 16 weeks)
  • Postgraduate Research (maximum renewal period 24 months)
  • UNSW staff (maximum renewal period 24 months)

When will loans be renewed?

Items that can normally be renewed through myLibrary will be renewed 7 days before their due date provided that your loan(s) and account satisfy the automatic loan renewal criteria. You are also welcome to manually renew items prior to their due dates via myLibrary.

Please note, items can still be recalled at any time and the due date will change if the book is recalled by another borrower.

How will I be notified and what do I need to do?

Eligible borrowers will not receive a Library notification informing that a loan has been automatically renewed (except 7 days before the maximum renewal period is reached), so it is still important for all users to check your myLibrary account regularly for the most up to date information on your borrowing status. 

Non-UNSW members are not able to renew online. Items must be returned to the library where they can be re-borrowed (unless recalled) if required.

Return Items

During opening hours, please place the items in the returns chute in the Library foyer.

After hours, return items using the chute just to the left of the main door.

Off Campus students can return Home Delivery items by post to:

Academy Library
UNSW Canberra
PO Box 7916
Canberra ACT 2610

Borrowing from other Universities

As part of the University Libraries Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ) scheme, UNSW Canberra staff and students can register for borrowing privileges at most other Australian University libraries. 

Visit the University Libraries Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ) website for a listing of participating libraries.

How to join other Libraries

Apply directly to the participating library. You will need to provide proof of enrolment/employment at UNSW Canberra.

Membership of the Academy Library

For information on various memberships available at the Academy Library and their requirements  - please see the Membership page.