Interactions in Biological Systems

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A/Prof Cliff Woodward (

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Molecular interactions, such as the hydrophobic force, van der Waals interactions and electrostatics are of great importance in the study of many biological systems. For example, interactions between proteins are vital for the explanation of many diseases and cures. Furthermore, the interaction of bio-molecules and man-made molecules (such as drugs and polymer) are of great importance to the pharmacy industry. This project uses a range of theoretical methods to study these interactions. These include mathematical modelling and computer simulation. It involves collaboration between theoreticians and experimentalists in Sweden and Brazil.

Description of Work:

develop theoretical methods for the description of interactions in bio-systems

develop computer algorithms for numerical solutions of the theory

apply the methods to a range of model scenarios including those determined by experimental partners

Related publication: Lund, Mikael; Jungwirth, Pavel; Woodward, CE. Phys Rev Letts, 100(25), 258105/1-258105/4, 2008