Intelligent Asset Management

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The project manages the inspection and maintenance of enterprise asset, Defence Asset, mining industry asset, Agriculture, earth moving and construction heavy lifting equipment asset, and Logistics asset including trains assets such as to prevent train derailments and/or complete shutdowns of the south, west, east and north-bound train network, for the logistics industry, including supply chain, agriculture, resources and Defence industry. This research project sponsored by Fastrack Australia, aims to develop a Cloud based solution coupled with RFID solutions to manage big data on behalf of government and industry and individual users, to provide reliable identification information for heavy industry equipment, vehicles, robots and lifting gear equipment such as chains, shackles, slings, hooks used in the industry. Equipment have to be certified according to Australian Safety Standards. However, the problem that the certifying authorities face is to uniquely identify these items because it is quite easy to move items across and lose the identification information. Currently, metal tags are used to provide identification, but the problem with this approach is that data entry needs to be performed manually, which can result in data entry errors and tags can be easily switched from one certified item to another uncertified item.

Description of Work:

This project implements High Frequency (HF) RFID tags to tag all lifting gear equipment. The key advantage of using RFID to track lifting equipment is that once RFID tags have been embedded in the equipment, they are difficult to remove and replace. It aims to develop a new inspection & maintenance system that incorporates condition monitoring, RFID, barcode and mobile devices.


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