Incorporation of material layers, circuits and other small scale features into micro-devices with end milling

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Dr Jong-Leng Liow (

Description of Work: 


The use of micro-end milling gives rise to a 2.5D structure which is based on the base material that is being milled. However, a single base material is limited in its properties. For example, use of a plastic means that electricity cannot be conducted. Hence sensor signals cannot be collected for measurement. Layers of other material can be built on the base material and then micro-machined to provide useful structures. This can be done as many times as possible to form a 3-D structure where signals can be transmitted and other physical effects can be incorporated through different materials. Thereafter the micro-device can be packaged similar to the computer chips. This project will study the conditions for deposition of different material for micro milling using a variety of methods including spin coating and electro deposition.

Description of Work:

  • Familiarisation with the area of spin coating and electro deposition.
  • Develop methods to optimise spin coating and electro deposition of material that can then be easily micro machined to produce micro-devices.
  • Investigate and model the conditions for optimising the spin coating and electro deposition of material.