Evaluating the impact of food system interventions

Program Code: 

Dr Luke Craven (l.craven@unsw.edu.au

Description of Work: 

Aims: To develop and trial new methodological tools to assess the systemic and complex impacts of FoodLab Sydney. The current lack of such tools is of central concern to our partners, and is mirrored in the growing skepticism amongst the systems evaluation community that “[the] rhetoric urging complex systems approaches … is only rarely operationalised in ways that generate relevant evidence or effective policies” (Rutter et al 2017: 2602). With the support of the research team, this PhD project will develop and implement methodological tools to address this gap.

Specific research questions and methodological approaches would be developed by the student in collaboration with the research team and depending on the student’s academic background and interest. We are particularly interested to hear from potential candidates interested in developing novel approaches to narrative evaluation, or those with experience using quantitative methodologies and social network analysis in evaluation settings. Applicants must have a first degree in a discipline relevant to public health, food systems, or evaluation research.

In addition to training opportunities within UNSW Canberra, students will have access to development opportunities as part of the broader FoodLab Sydney project in partnership with University of Sydney and the Sydney Environment Institute.


Supervisory support:

Co-Supervised by Dr Luke Craven and  Dr Karen Gardner