End of Life Issues

Program Code: 

Dr James Connor, 02 62688799 (J.Connor@unsw.edu.au) for further information and to discuss your interest.

Description of Work: 

Seeking expressions of interest for PhD/Masters Research


UNSW Canberra in partnership with Palliative Care ACT seek exceptional PhD/MPhil candidates to research end of life issues.


Palliative Care ACT and UNSW Canberra are working together to further the support, understanding and evidence base for end of life care and support for families in the region.

There are several options for the research itself, and this is open to discussion with the right candidate(s). Some examples are provided below. The candidate(s) would be co-supervised by senior academics from the School of Business, UNSW Canberra – who exactly this would be will be determined according to the direction of the research (e.g what methods will be used, what disciplinary approach(es)). We are open to a range of methodologies, but are particularly interested in co-research partnership models that incorporate stakeholders in the process.


Areas of interest include:

1. Change, policy work and advocacy – advancing end of life choices.

  • Investigate the changing policy framework regarding end of life choices in the ACT, benchmarking against global trends.

2. Caring emotionality and burden work.

  • Explore the emotion work undertaken by carers and the effects this has on end of life care.

3. Reviewing ‘The Hub’ model of carer respite.

  • Evaluate Palliative Care ACT’s new carer respite support model – a world’s first intervention.

4. Other topics of relevance to end of life care, volunteering and the caring sector.


UNSW is renowned for its exceptional supervision and support of candidates. The School of Business is a multi-disciplinary School with wide expertise, ensuring that projects can be successfully supported. Prospective candidates should familiarise themselves with UNSW’s admission process. Unless otherwise specified, eligibility for scholarships application requires candidates to hold a four-year Bachelor’s degree with Honours class 1 from an Australian institution or equivalent qualification/experience. This qualification must be in a field relevant to the proposed area of research. See the Higher Degree Research Admissions and Pathways Guideline for full details. See: https://www.gs.unsw.edu.au/policy/documents/hdrscholarshipsprocedure.pdf