Economic vs. social needs in supply chain networks: The case of oncology drugs

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Dr Daniel Prior (

Description of Work: 


The conflict between economic (the profit motive) and customer needs is a welldocumented phenomenon facing firms.
However, few studies consider the nature ofthis trade-off across supply chain networks, particularly in life or death
customer circumstances. This study seeks to understand this trade off across three primary dimensions. First, the
nature of supply chain networks is such that the responsibility for fulfilling customer needs is distributed amongst
supply chain network members. How does this distributed mode of responsibility influence end user outcomes?
Second, most supply chain network members divide their focus between workingc ollaboratively with other supply
chain network members and on internal issues. To what extent does customer orientation exist in specific actors
within the supply chain? How does this affect the economic-social trade-off? Third, what approaches or methods
(i.e. resources, systems, capital) have supply chain members used to adapt to these circumstances?


Description of Work:

• An initial literature review
• A qualitative phase involving interviews and/ or case studies
• A quantitative phase involving survey development, administration, and
  analysis of results using structural modelling or regression-based techniques
• Potentially an experimental design

Desirable Applicants:

To apply for this project, applications should meet the criteria for admission to a PhD at UNSW; have industry
experience in supply chain management excellent writing skills, and the ability to work independently. Please
address these requirements in your application. Applicants should also be prepared to submit certified transcripts,
certified identification, their three best pieces of writing in English, and a dissertation or thesis completed as part
of their previous studies.