Civil Engineering (Hons) - Non-Defence

full-time equivalent
Additional selection criteria: 
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Assumed knowledge: 
Mathematics and Physics.

The Civil Engineering degree provides students with professional engineering design, construction and management skills. Attention is given both to the interaction between civil engineering and other disciplines and to the effect of civil engineering works on the environment.

If you select the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Civil at UNSW Canberra, you will study subjects such as engineering mechanics, computational problem solving, programming, mathematics, physics, structural analysis, geotechnical design, cyber security, and hydrology and environmental engineering practice. You will spend at least 60 days gaining practical engineering experience in the workplace during your degree, and you will undertake a group based integrated design project supervised by experienced engineers and client representatives and your own capstone research project in your final year. Your degree will also be accredited by Engineers Australia, which means that you will be qualified to begin working as an engineer within Australia (and many other countries) as soon as you graduate.

Present day civil engineering has maintained strong commonality with military engineering - the design and construction of facilities such as roads, bridges, airfields, buildings, water supply and waste treatment facilities, structures of all types, and the associated planning and management of projects. With a degree in Civil Engineering you could work in all fields of infrastructure development, from constructing skyscrapers through to design and building dams and bridges. You could also work in regulatory and planning roles with government agencies, specialist consulting firms (which vary in size from sole practitioners to major firms employing hundreds of engineers); construction companies; large public companies; government organisations which construct, manage and maintain public utilities; and financial and management consultancies.
Key features:

– UNSW Canberra is the only Australian university to equip engineering students with vocational level competencies, providing a practical foundation for professional Engineers.

– UNSW Canberra has purpose built workshops and facilities, with dedicated workspaces, workshop tools, machines and welding equipment.

– UNSW Canberra has the best university teacher-to-student ratio in Australia.


Undergraduate Discipline Coordinator (Civil):
Dr Jianfeng Xue
Undergraduate Student Enquiries:
Ph: (02) 6268 8269