Science (Honours)

full-time equivalent

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) is a one-year program following on from a three year full-time equivalent pass degree.

The purpose of Honours is to enable students who have performed well at undergraduate level to deepen their knowledge of approaches, perspectives and traditions in their chosen scientific discipline and undertake a significant research project. Honours is a means for connecting undergraduate study with supervised independent research by consolidating and extending work completed in the undergraduate program. As part of the honours program students will be expected to complete a significant independent research project and may be expected to complete coursework. In addition to conducting research and coursework students will generally also be expected to undertake Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) training, attend and present seminars, write a literature review, and write a thesis.

Honours students who are RAN midshipmen or RAAF officer cadets continue with this program at UNSW Canberra at ADFA after completion of their three year BSc program and then complete their Honours program at the end of the fourth year. Army officer cadets, however, at the end of the third year BSc program transfer to the Royal Military College, Duntroon for a year of military training to be commissioned as lieutenants. Those who qualify to undertake their Honours program return to the Academy to complete their program for a year.

Undergraduate Coordinator (Honours):
Dr Lynne Wallace
Undergraduate Student Enquiries: 
Academic Support Officer
Ph: +61 2 5114 5246


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