Master of Cyber Security (Advanced Tradecraft) (8628)

full-time equivalent
S1 & S2
Distance and Intensive Delivery Mode

Program Description 

The Master of Cyber Security is designed for postgraduate scholars who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the technical skills and expertise relevant to the technical implementation and leadership of the cyber security function. It is designed to meet the demand for technical experts who can implement and lead the technical cyber security function in government, industry, law enforcement and Defence. It provides principles gathered from information systems, systems engineering, computer science, network security, and defence to enhance a career as a cyber security specialist. The Master of Cyber Security is offered primarily via Intensive Delivery Mode due to the nature of the courses and the use of the Cyber Range.

The Master of Cyber Security in Advanced Tradecraft is designed to provide technically competent IT professionals with an accelerated introduction to research, scholarship and major practical techniques in offensive and defensive cyber operations, wireless security, reverse engineering, and exploit development and the analysis of big data in a security context. The elective offerings allow a focus on Digital or Network forensics or critical infrastructure cyber security.

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