Graduate Certificate in Space Operations (7353)

full-time equivalent
S1 & S2

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Space Operations is a multidisciplinary program awarded by the School of Engineering and Information Technology. It is designed for scholars and professionals with appropriate undergraduate qualifications in management, humanities, and engineering, or those with extensive relevant professional experience. The program develops awareness of the technical, strategic, and economic drivers required to conceive, design, and operate spacecraft within the rapidly changing global space sector. The program analyses the intersection between the technical and strategic forces that influence operational decisions within the space domain and explores the changing landscape for the utilization of space for military, civilian, and commercial applications.

The Graduate Certificate in Space Operations aims to allow students to develop a high level of understanding of the issues associated with the planning, operation and acquisition of space systems. A specific emphasis is placed on examining opportunities for Australia to grow its strategic space capability while responsibly operating within the space domain to ensure the sustainment of the space environment into the future.

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Further details for the program are listed below. If you require any more information about this program, please contact: 

Postgraduate Discipline Coordinator (Space):

Dr Melrose Brown

Postgraduate Student Enquiries:
Ph: (02) 5114 5247

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