Data risk management

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Dr Omar Hussain (

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Due to the distributed nature of defence and logistics operations, their operational data is stored in many different information repositories which are spread over various geographical locations. Such data stored in such distributed locations is crucial to generate highly confidential intelligence knowledge and operational plans in Defence. Similar is the case for managing supply chain operations in the logistics domain. Hence, to facilitate such operations, an Enterprise System that identifies the relevant information from different distributed information sources and integrates them to the Enterprise Information Repository on which analytics can be performed is needed. The literature approaches this problem as a data warehousing one, but in reality, it is a much bigger and more complex one that demands to be looked at from the Data Quality perspective. The objective of this project is to design, model, develop and test such a framework for data cleansing and data quality to support the Defence and Logistics Enterprise Systems.

Description of Work:

This project involves design and development of algorithms, risk modelling knowledge, information analysis techniques, good mathematical knowledge as well as possible numerical modelling.