Covid-19: What role should our government have in surveilling the population

12.30pm to 1.15pm

Privacy is acknowledged internationally as a fundamental human right. In Australia, however, privacy is primarily protected through federal and state statutes that focus on data protection. At the Commonwealth level, for example, Australia’s Privacy Act lists how organisations, including federal government agencies must handle our personal data. COVID19 has shifted the risk landscape, leading to more aspects of our lives being monitored and recorded, with the data analysed to assess our activity.

As we spend more of our time using mobile smart devices for work and play, and drones can watch us from above, how does this new paradigm play out? Does online government surveillance make us safer and what are the tradeoffs between perceived security and the mass collection and/or use of citizen data?

Meet the Panellists:

Mr Nigel Phair, Director Cyber, UNSW Canberra 

Prof Monica Whitty, Director of Research (Cyber), UNSW Canberra

Dr Tim Lynar, Lecturer, Cyber Sececurity and Computer Science, UNSW Canberra

Prof Lyria Bennett MosesDirector of the Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation and a Professor in the Faculty of Law, UNSW Sydney