Collaborative logistics

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Logistics activity represents approximately 9-15% of Australia’s GDP between 2002- 2012. The introduction

of collaborative logistic systems can achieve a 500% return on investment [Gardner 2002]. Collaborative

supply chains and logistics networks involve vertical industry collaboration and horizontal industry services.

Weakness in logistic capabilities creates a multi-billion dollar cost burden on the Australian economy.

The contribution of this research will be to provide seamless integration between SME logistics providers

and multi-national corporate logistics providerst hrough the use of service-oriented e-Hub and Partner to Partner

(P2P) connectors. This project develops methodologies and systems to allow logistics companies to form

coalitions with worldwide logistics providers. Using this approach, supply chain services and physical resources

are coupled and extended beyond their typical region of operation. It involves the coupling of e-Transportation,

e-Warehousing, e- Hub Connector and one-stop-shop, P2P (Partner to Partner) and B2B (Business to Business).

This has the potential of allowing medium sized, regionally based, logistics providers to compete on the world

stage with giant logistic providers such as UPS and FedEx. The research work will build a virtual collaborative

logistics consortium that is especially suited to SME (small medium enterprise) supply chainproviders, partners

and alliances.

Description of Work:

The research will propose a cutting edge IT infrastructure which will allow the seamless exchange of information

between the international logistics partners wherever they are and whenever it is necessary. This enables global

supply chain management for all national / international clients, partners, customers, suppliers, sub-contractors

and buyers around the world to track the details and movement of goods anywhere at any time. The system will

also support the need for communication and co-ordination between all partner transporters and warehouses

around the world.