Characterisation of mechanical behaviour of metal foams under static and dynamic loadings

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Dr Y.X. (Sarah) Zhang (; Prof Paul Hazell (

Description of Work: 


Metal foams such as aluminium foam has been used increasing in many industries such as mechanical engineering, aeronautical and aerospace engineering due to their unique mechanical capability for energy absorption and impact resistance. In this research, the mechanical behaviour of aluminium foams under static and dynamic loading with varying strain rates will be investigated through extensive experimental, analytical and numerical studies for an insightful investigation.

For experimental studies, the mechanical behaviour of the foam under varying strain rate will be bested to investigate the mechanical behaviour of the foam under different loading conditions including static loading, impact and blast loadings. For analytical studies, micromechanics theory will be applied to study the mechanical properties of the materials. 

For numerical studies, multiscale finite element analysis method and procedures will be developed so as to study the mechanical behaviour of the foam under different strain rate insightfully.

The results from the three different methods will be used to validate against each other.

The candidate needs to have good academic backgrounds on Engineering Mechanics and numerical analysis.