Supportive Academic Environment

UNSW is one of Australia's most respected Universities. The Canberra campus is known as UNSW Canberra. The UNSW campuses have an international reputation for outstanding academic programs and world-class research outcomes. UNSW Canberra's academic staff, are some of Australia's best qualified in their respective fields and encourage and foster high-quality outcomes. As such students can be assured that their UNSW degree is of the highest standing. UNSW Canberra is comprised of four academic schools, offering degrees in a wide range of disciplines taken from Humanities and Social Sciences, Business, Engineering and the Sciences. 

Opportunities exist for military and civilian students to undertake postgraduate programs at Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma levels as well as Masters and Doctoral degrees. For military personnel, this is at the discretion of the service of which you are a member.

At UNSW Canberra we have a range of resources and services available to support learning and teaching. UNSW Canberra has developed these resources and information to assist in the development and improvement of of the learning and teaching experience.