Our Vision

UNSW Canberra Strategic Intent

Undergraduate Teaching

The provision of high-quality undergraduate teaching programs to midshipmen and cadets of the Australian Defence Force is the core business of UNSW Canberra and we have a proud record of success in providing such programs. We aim to provide undergraduate programs to ADFA midshipmen and cadets that are consistently as good as, or better than, like programs in G8 universities in terms of rigour, coherence and student satisfaction as measured by recognised national indicators and to be recognised nationally and internationally as a location of outstanding university learning and teaching in a military context.

Postgraduate Teaching

UNSW Canberra's provision of postgraduate coursework has grown significantly in recent years, driven by our wish to meet the expanding needs of the Department of Defence. We aim to be regarded nationally as a premium provider of postgraduate programs in all areas relating to military, strategic and defence studies in the disciplines we offer and to excel in the delivery of programs in distance and intensive modes tailored to the needs of the Department of Defence, its employees, and others with educational needs in our areas of expertise.


Excellence in research is the backbone of any higher education institution's capability to achieve excellence in learning and teaching. UNSW's aspiration is to be a leading research intensive university in the Asia-Pacific region. As a campus of UNSW and the only national institution with an integrated defence focus, the aspiration of UNSW Canberra is to be one of the top specialist institutions in the world by achieving a significant international research profile, thereby ensuring the delivery of education services to the Australian Defence Force is of the highest standard.

International Engagement

The objective of International Engagement is to contribute to achieving the vision of UNSW Canberra by broadening the student experience, recruiting international students of the highest calibre, supporting researchers to collaborate with the best in their fields internationally and forming strategic partnerships with select international universities/specialist institutions for mutual benefits.